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The Constantine method relates to a flexible reading process and materials for development of   early childhood literacy. The system incorporates Internet reading resources that can be adapted for a specific child’s learning program. Instead of reading books that the child cannot relate to, the text can be adapted to the child. There can also be related conventional literacy development tools. Such conventional literacy tools can be correspondence, crafts, pen palling, treasure hunting etc. The process can be time consuming, and requires significant input from an adult (ie : the mentor) to develop the parameters required to give system flexibility. It is thus more suited to the under achieving, or over achieving child, or group of children, in contrast to main-stream classroom education. Such are in need of targeted literacy development, that the Constantine method affords. It is not limited to younger children, and stories can be adapted, for children starting history lessons, for example. Captain Cook or Matthew Flinders, for example, can visit their school, if plot and characters are varied accordingly.

There is a training course available to introduce education professionals to the Constantine method. It is highly recommended that a person complete the course before using the process, other than as a guest user.

The Constantine method allows plot, illustrations, characters and settings to be changed. While this may initially appear a trivial function, it can be developed into a powerful set of tools in a children’s book. It allows a book to be customised for a specific group of readers, for example, students at the Petrie State School. Children may be more motivated to read a book where their own school or classroom is the setting for the plot. Characters can be introduced, who the child or children may be familiar with already, again placing the plot and setting to their own surroundings. If a planned and systematic strategy is developed, flexibility in plot, illustrations, characters, and settings can be interwoven to make a customised script in a book. The book thus becomes personalised to the reader, or group of readers. The real benefits of the Constantine method rests on the skills the education professional brings to planning and developing a literacy strategy, using the tools the Constantine method provides.
M    y intention was to publish for
    children in a setting they could relate to, and be a part of in a fantasy world that they would create in their own mind. In this way a story becomes more real to the child, and it becomes a reality, rather than a story any more. I have always been involved with children, and their literacy, ever since I was a young man at University. I became a reading tutor, in 1975, to the children in what was then Tufnell Orphanage in Nundah. Next came reading with my own children, and later I became a volunteer school teacher of English in the Lo-oc squatter's camp in the Philippines. I was always of the view that if I could bring the child's immediate surrounds into a book, the child's imagination would do the rest.

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